SEALCORE network

We are a network of companies with long-standing, global operations in the market for industrial seals.

The synergy and the know-how of the Companies in the SEALCORE Network provide the guarantee of a Quality Made in Italy, a complete service to meet the needs of the global market and a wide range of Technical Products: standard and endless O-Rings; rotary shaft oil seals; custom articles to dwg. in elastomer and rubber-to-metal; liquid silicone; 3D Printing; PTFE and high performance technopolymers; self-lubricating bushings and washers; fluid power sealing solutions.


Italian Bank Holidays

We would like to inform you that our company will be closed during these Bank Holiday breaks:

- October the 31st and November the 1st.

- December the 8th through the 9th

April 2022

DNV Certification for Wind Industry

FP is proud to announce that the specialization process started a few years ago for the production of oil seals to the wind-energy industry (both oil seals and hydraulic seals), has reached a new very important level.

Our personnel has been certified by DNV for the Wind Energy industrial sector. Our technical service and quality level have been brought to a new hi-end standard.

Delta Rings in PU

SEALFLUID introduces Delta Rings for Valves produced in Polyurethane (PU).