SEALCORE network


各公司的协同工作以及他们的技术诀窍,使得SEALCORE销售网络能够为满足全球市场的需求提供有保证的意大利制造品质和完整的服务:标准和无限大的O型圈; 旋转轴封;用弹性体和橡胶-金属根据图纸定制部件;液体硅;3D打印;PTFE和高性能聚合物;自润滑轴套和垫圈;流体动力密封解决方案


Italian Bank Holidays

We would like to inform you that our company will be closed during these Bank Holiday breaks:

- October the 31st and November the 1st.

- December the 8th through the 9th

April 2022

DNV Certification for Wind Industry

FP is proud to announce that the specialization process started a few years ago for the production of oil seals to the wind-energy industry (both oil seals and hydraulic seals), has reached a new very important level.

Our personnel has been certified by DNV for the Wind Energy industrial sector. Our technical service and quality level have been brought to a new hi-end standard.

Delta Rings in PU

SEALFLUID introduces Delta Rings for Valves produced in Polyurethane (PU).